Blocking / Offset

Ink is not drying properly

Add faster drying solvents and/or increase air delivery

Solvents are trapped

Add faster drying solvents and/or increase air and heat delivery. Also check for ink skinning

Web rewound is too warm

Reduce chill roll temperature

Rewind pressure on web is excessive

Reduce web tension

Ink or varnish are over-plasticized

Remake ink or varnish. Add anti-block agent

Ink or top lacquer is soft or has a low melting point

Remake ink or lacquer

Web temperature is too low

Increase web temperature

Moisture condensation appears on chill roll

Check and reset chill roll temperature above dew point

Ink has lost solubility creating a surface tack. Tacky inks are prone to blocking / offsetting

Add active (true) solvents for resin to remove surface tack

Blocking / Offsetting

Add a wax compound or silicone (if applicable) to formula structure. Wax / Silicones will act as a release in the re-wind