Ink film too heavy

Run thinner ink film / strengthen ink. (Normally not a problem with EB)

Ink is over emulsified

Run thicker ink film / weaken ink (often associated with light take-off/coverage). Check fountain solution pH and conductivity or reduce dampener feed. Consult your Sun Chemical Representative (Reference Ink Emulsification topic later in this Troubleshooting Guide)

Improper inerting has occurred

Check O2 level on meters. Check nitrogen knives for proper angle and flow rate. Increase flow of nitrogen.Check to ensure knives are free of obstructions (EB only)

UV exposure is inadequate

Replace lamps as needed. Clean or replace reflectors as needed. Check focal point of lamps (UV only)

Substrate has contamination

Check substrate for oils or any other contaminates inhibiting cure

Press speed is too fast

Check that press speed does not exceed UV lamp capability; may require additional lamps to increase speed. With EB, ensure that dose has remained at the same level as it was at lower speed

EB window is contaminated or has developed pinholes

Check condition of window monthly; replace if necessary