Dirty Print – Dot Bridging

Anilox volume too high

Reduce anilox volume

Ratio of dot size (print size) to anilox cell count is inadequate

Revise art, screen and plates for press capabilities

Plate impression is excessive

Reduce plate to substrate impression

Anilox to plate pressure is excessive

Adjust to reduce anilox impression. Check plate level

Paper dust from board or pressroom collects in the ink and sticks to the plate

Clean press, plates and environment. Insure clean sharp slitting and sheeting

Ink film is too thick for plate screen

Reduce ink film thickness by lowering ink viscosity, increasing ink metering or decreasing anilox volume

Ink is drying too fast

Add slow solvent, increase machine speed

Printing plate is too soft

Use plates with a harder durometer

Worn plates

Replace plates

Ink pH is too low

Check and adjust pH (non-pH stable inks only)