Dirty Print – Feathering

Impression between plate and substrate is excessive

Reset plate pressure to “kiss” impression

Water-based ink pH is too low

Reduce anilox volume

Ink is drying too fast

Check ink formulation; add slower drying solvents

Air hitting plates or anilox roll is excessive

Block stray air; balance dryers to eliminate “blown-down” on plates

Ink viscosity is too high

Reduce ink viscosity

Dust or lint is picked up from substrate

Check to be sure ink filters are working; filter ink;

Ink formula out-of-balance, affects film splitting I transfer

Check solvent blends for Alcohol I Ester balance. For clean printing, the resin structures must have the correct solvents

Ink viscosities uncontrolled. Wrong viscosity cups (out-of-range) for viscosities run. Cups need cleaning and calibrating

Record and control press-side viscosities. Check cups for accuracy and selection