Dirty Print – Halos

Entire image halos

Eliminate entire image halos by:

  1. Reducing plate to substrate impression
  2. Reducing anilox impression or checking plate level and mounting

Leading edge halos only

Eliminate leading edge halos by

  1. Reducing anilox pressure to plate
  2. Checking level and mounting

Plate wrap has distortion

Remount plate to fit cylinder tightly

Everything halos

  1. Plates are uneven, worn, cupped, glazed or
    mismatched (slugged)
  2. Ink film is too thick
  3. Printing plate is too hard
  4. Ink film applications are uneven due to machine or uneven plates

Eliminate all halos by:

  1. Leveling, building up, cleaning or replacing plates or entire mount
  2. Reduce ink film thickness by lowering viscosity, increasing ink metering effectiveness or decreasing anilox volume
  3. Use plates with a softer durometer
  4. Adjust ink metering, print and anilox impression, roll parallel or replace plates