Dot Gain

Rollers and pressures are improperly set

Reset rollers and pressures

Rollers or blankets are too soft

Condition or replace rollers or blankets

Ink is low in viscosity and/or tack

Consult your Sun Chemical representative

Ink color strength is too weak; ink film is too heavy

Consult your Sun Chemical representative

Ink is too receptive to water

Consult your Sun Chemical representative

Blankets are packed improperly, or too much pressure exists

Check packaging and pressure

Ink is piling

Consult piling section of this guide

Plate is poorly desensitized

Consult your pre-press department

Dampening system is dirty

Clean dampening system

Fountain solution pH or conductivity is out of balance

Adjust pH and conductivity to manufacturer’s  specifications

Slurring or doubling occurs in halftone

Check cylinder pressures, blanket tension and roller slip-page.  Check mechanical operation of unit

Plate is improperly exposed and developed

Consult your pre-press department