Dot Gain

Plate curves may need to be verifed

Have prepress adjust plate curves if necessary and consider GRACoL®/G7* certifcation

Check that the Fountain solution is fresh and within specification

If needed, adjust chemistry to manufacturer’s recommendation

Fountain solution temperature may be too warm

Adjust fountain solution temperature in pans to proper temperature

Ink form rollers may be too warm

If necessary, adjust form rollers to recommended temperatures

Blankets may be packed improperly or too much pressure exists

Check packing and pressures

Slurring or doubling appears in halftones – often confused with dot gain

Check cylinder pressures, blanket tension, and roller slippage. Check mechanical operation of unit

Rollers or blankets are too soft or not set correctly

Condition or replace rollers and blankets and set to manufacturer’s specification

Ink is low in tack / viscosity

Consult your ink supplier for alternative inks