Inadequate Drying

Ink is taking up too much water

Check ink/water balance.  Run proper amount of ink and water

Rollers are not properly conditioned or set

Thoroughly condition or reset the roller system.  (Improperly set or poorly conditioned rollers promote emulsification of ink.)

Fountain solution pH or conductivity is wrong

Adjust to manufacturer’s specifications

Heatset solvent range for proper volatilization is too high

Consult your Sun Chemical representative

Excessive ink thickness is being run

Consult your Sun Chemical representative about stronger ink

Web exit temperature is too low

Increase web exit temperature

Dryer temperatures are too high, inhibiting the ability of chill rolls to cool web efficiently

Decrease web exit temperature and check chill roll  efficiency

Marking is visible on chills or delivery equipment

Check web exit temperature from dryer and chill rolls.  Check cooling efficiency of chill roll system