Ink Smearing – Tracking

Ink is not dry due to ink film thickness or formulation

Increase drying speed of the ink by:

  1. Reducing ink viscosity
  2. Reducing ink film with better metering
  3. Changing ink formulation for faster drying
  4. Decreasing machine speed
  5. Decreasing anilox volume

Ink film applications are uneven on substrate

Adjust ink metering, print and anilox impressions, roll parallel & check plate level

Ink is not drying due to high hold out of substrate

Change substrate, reduce ink film thickness or increase drying capacity

On die cut or folding operations, anvil blankets are worn or rough cutting die pressure is excessive

  1. Folding belts are worn or slipping
  2. Guides, rails or bars are hitting print
  3. Stacker belts are hitting print

Optimize converting operations by replacing or trimming grinding anvil blankets, removing die rubber, replacing knives, reducing die pressure or replaclng anvil blankets

  1. Replace or adjust folding belts
  2. Adjust rails or bars to minimize impact
  3. Move or lift belts from print area

Ink formulation is incorrect

Consult your local Sun Chemical Representative