Linting and Picking

Ink is too tacky for the stock being run

Replace with a lower tack ink

Stock has insufficient lint or pick resistance

Change paper.  Consult paper supplier.  Install a brush or vacuum type paper cleaner

Impression is improperly set for ink/stock combination

Set impression to manufacturer’s specifications

Ink/water balance is improper

Adjust ink/water balance

Blanket is too tacky

Treat blanket surface to reduce tack.  Change to a quick release blanket.  Check blanket wash solution.  Consult your blanket supplier

Blanket is improperly packed

Correct packing (under packing as well as over packing causes picking)

Ink formulation is too strong, forcing a thin ink film to be run

Use a weaker ink.  Consult your Sun Chemical  representative

Ink is unstable

Use a more stable, lubricated ink formulation.  Consult your Sun Chemical representative