Misting or Slinging

Too much ink is being carried in an effort to achieve the desired density

Substitute a stronger ink and run a thinner ink film on rollers

Rollers are worn or improperly set

Check roller for damage; also check roller settings. (Check for extreme temperature build-up on rollers)

Roller train is too hot

Oscillator surface temperature should be 85° F ± 5° ; higher temperatures cause ink to become too thin

Ink tack is too low

Consult your Sun Chemical representative. Raise tack to maximum allowable for substrate being printed

Ink/water setting is out of balance

Adjust settings

Web is running narrower than press width

Use mourning bands on plates

Ink “globs” are being thrown from roller ends

Adjust ink/water balance. Use mourning bands

Ink ductor to fountain ball sweep is too short

Increase sweep to 50% circumference of ink ductor roller and reduce ink key settings

Pressroom has low humidity

Increase pressroom humidity