Mottled Print

Surface finish or caliper of substrate is inconsistent

Increase plate to substrate impression or switch to softer plates

Plate impression is incorrect

Adjust plate to substrate impression

Substrate surface finish or textured pattern appears on surface

Replace stock. Check with Sun Chemical Representative for additives

Ink viscosity too low

Raise viscosity by adding fresh ink

Too much water has been added to the ink causing it to be out of balance

Add fresh ink or replace ink in press pump

Anilox roller, wiper roll, or printing plate is dirty or damaged

Clean or replace rolls or plate

Ink in press is contaminated

Clean press station & replace ink

Ink formulation is incorrect

Check with Sun Chemical Representative

Ink is foaming

Add defoamer. Investigate and eliminate cause of foam

Ink pH is too low

Check and adjust pH (non-pH stable inks only)