Poor Transfer of Ink

Rollers are improperly or inadequately cleaned and glazed

Thoroughly clean rollers with a good quality glaze remover. After removing all ink with wash-up solvent, then apply hot water to rollers. This will remove gum glaze that is not soluble in standard solvent based wash-ups

Calcium build-up on roller surfaces

After normal wash-up, follow with a hot water / white vinegar wash (2:1) to remove calcium deposits

Rollers are improperly set or are swollen or distorted

Adjust roller settings or check roller surface condition

Indiscriminate use of wetting agents; gum and gum substitutes in fountain solution

Control use of fountain solution and additives which can have adverse effects on the rollers

Roller temperatures not warm enough

Make sure form rollers are 72°-80°F (22°-26°C) for optimum performance