Poor Trapping

Ink tacks out of sequence

Make sure inks are of proper successively decreasing tack.  In some situations, when a K, C, M, K rotation is used, the black ink may be lower in tack so as to eliminate or minimize picking

Ink strengths are improperly balanced.  This can result in running one color heavy and the following color light, in which case the second or light color may not trap

Reduce strength of ink if it is running too light and carry a heavier ink film. Consult a Sun Chemical representative

Ink/water is not in balance

Achieve and maintain proper ink/water balance.  Running a minimum amount of ink and water is the preferable procedure

Previous ink film is too heavy.  If possible, previous colors should never run heavier than succeeding colors

Run a thinner film, increasing ink strength accord-ingly.  Be aware that, if not done properly, this may cause balance problems as indicated

Ink contains too much slip agent or other additives. Subsequent layers of ink may refuse to trap properly

Consult a Sun Chemical representative

Ink stability curves out of balance

Consult a Sun Chemical representative