Tinting / Toning / Scumming

Fountain solution condition

Check condition of fountain solution. If dirty and old, replenish with fresh at recommended dosages and correct temperature

Roller durometer or roller settings are out of specification

Check roller durometers and settings according to press manufacture’s recommendations

Too much pressure exists between plate and blanket

Check and correct if necessary

Temp of roller train and water pan

Form rollers should be close to 75°F (23°C) and water pan 65°F (18°C)

Improperly over packed cylinders – too much squeeze

Correct packing and re-torque blanket to press manufacturer’s specifications

Ink or dampener rollers are set too tight

Check and reset rollers to press manufacturer’s specifications

Blanket is glazed

Remove glaze or change blanket

Fountain solution is out of balance

Drain pans and tanks. Refill with fresh fountain solution at correct pH, conductivity, and Brix level

Prolonged use of oily wash-up solution

Change to fresh wash-up solution

Roller train temperature is too hot

Maintain forms at 72°-80°F (22°-26°C) surface temperature

Fountain solution is too hot in pans

Maintain fountain solution temperature in press pans at 65°F (18°C)

Ink roller durometers are either too soft or too hard

Check durometer, setting, and condition of ink rollers