Poor Trapping

First down ink is not dry due to improper ink or heavy ink film

Increase drying speed of the ink by:

  1. Reducing first down ink viscosity
  2. Reducing ink film with better metering
  3. Changing ink formulation for faster drying
  4. Decreasing machine speed
  5. Decreasing anilox volume

Second down ink is not covering due to low viscosity

Increase second down ink viscosity to higher than that of 1st down ink

Second down ink is not printing due to the ink drying too fast

Slow drying by adding glycol or increase press speed

Ink is not drying due to the high hold out of the substrate

Change substrate or reduce ink film thickness

Second down ink is not compatible with the first down ink

Use a transparent ink and switch trapping sequence

Second down ink is not printing due to too high or too low pH

Adjust pH or add fresh ink (non-pH stable inks only)