Uneven Print Color

Ink metering system is out of adjustment or damaged

Check adjust, repair or replace press components

Uneven color appears across press

  1. Light to dark from roll parallel
  2. Streaks from grooved wiper roll
  3. Streaks from worn doctor blade
  4. Streaks from warped blade
  5. Streaks from damaged anilox roll
  6. Streaks from dirty anilox roll
  7. Streaks from low ink flow

Optimize colors across press by:

  1. Parallel all anilox/metering rolls/blades
  2. Replace wiper roll
  3. Replace doctor blade
  4. Reduce blade pressure or replace blade
  5. Replace anilox roll
  6. Clean anilox roll
  7. Increase ink flow through / across press

Uneven color appears through press variations

  1. Light to dark from low ink flow
  2. Loose plate or plate mount
  3. Roll bounce from gears or bearings

Optimize color through press by:

  1. Increasing ink flow
  2. Re-mount plates or mount to cylinder
  3. Check or repair press as required