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Surface is not ink or lacquer receptive

Treat substrate if treatable, but do not over-treat; change to recommended ink type; and/or coating primer if possible

Ink is not drying properly

Add faster drying solvents and/or increase air and heat delivery. Thin inks if possible

Ink is brittle due to insufficient amount of plasticizer

Add small amount of plasticizer

Ink choice is improper for substrate

Reformulate ink for specific substrate

Ink viscosity is too high

Reduce ink viscosity to proper level

Web temperature is too low for substrate and ink

Increase web temperature to adequate level for substrate and ink

Re-worked ink has an out-of-balance pigment to vehicle ratio

Remake ink or refresh ink with fresh pigment and resin

Plate Blinding

Plate has been improperly prepared

Review procedures for platemaking process

Surfactant has contaminated the dampening system

Make sure all parts of the dampening system that come in contact with detergent are thoroughly rinsed before being reinstalled on the press. Control the use of blanket and press washes, and plate cleaners

Plate cleaners or scratch removers have not been completely rinsed from the plate

Avoid using excessive amounts of plate cleaner or scratch remover. Rinse plates thoroughly afterwards. Be sure all water,sponges, rags, etc., that come in contact with the plate area are clean. Do not let cleaners dry on the plate!

Faulty or improperly set ink or dampening rollers are wearing plate

Check rollers for condition and settings

Blanket is overpacked or loose

Check packing or blanket tension. Set to manufac-turer’s specifications

Foreign particles are entering the ink train

Check materials such as paper, ink, and wash-up solution. Check overhead structure for foreign materials that may be dropping onto press


Heavy ink films in the first few units are transferring ink onto down lane blankets

Run heavy coverage inks in the last unit

Blankets are not releasing ink well; blankets are incompatible with ink system

Change to a more compatible blanket. Consult your Sun Chemical representative

Ink tacks out of printing sequence

Check with your ink supplier to ensure correct ink tack

Backing Away

Ink is short and buttery

Improve flow of ink with an addition of a low body vehicle

Ink is thixotropic; it gels when sitting without agitation

Energy curable inks need automatic fountain agitators. Work ink in fountain frequently

Ink fountain is low

Add ink to fountain; added weight will follow fountain ball better