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Surface is not ink or lacquer receptive

Treat substrate, change ink or use a primer

Ink is not drying properly

Add faster solvents, increase air and heat

Ink is brittle due to insufficient plasticizer

Add a small amount of plasticizer

Ink choice is improper for substrate

Reformulate ink for specific substrate

Excessive slip package is present in the first down ink

Reformulate ink for best trapping properties

Web temperature is too low for the substrate and ink

Increase web temperature to adequate level for substrate and ink

Re-worked ink with out of balance pigment to vehicle ratio

Remake ink or refresh ink with pigment and resin


Pigment is not ground

Grind pigment

Pigment choice is incorrect

Select different pigments

Solvent is drying too fast causing a dry wipe

Balance solvent blends

Poor chroming of the cylinder

Rechrome cylinder

Cylinder design is inappropriate

Change to proper cylinder design

Blade is not oscillating

Adjust blade

Blade pressure is excessive

Decrease blade pressure

Contaminant is present in the ink

Filter or remake ink

Doctor blade is nicked or warped

Change doctor blade

Doctor blade contact angle is incorrect

Re-set blade to correct angle and pressure